ABOUT US | Sustainable Nutrition

Who are we

Sustainable Nutrition is a flexible company founded in 2013 by a team of managers formerly with FRAmelco.


Sustainable Nutrition is specialized in the development, production, marketing and sales of monoglycerides of fatty acids.

What do we do

We provide the feed and food industry with the highest quality monoglycerides of fatty acids. In addition we have all possibility to esterify other fatty acids into mono- or triglycerides.

What defines Sustainable Nutrition

-                State-of-the-art esterification plant

-                Fully equipped in-house laboratory

-                Continuous focus on R&D

-                Output of over 35.000 MT/year

-                Flexible and reliable partner

-                Monoglycerides of fatty acids



There is an increasing demand for fatty acids and their derivatives in the feed and food industry


worldwide. We aim to be the world's leading supplier of glycerides of fatty acids.


Sustainable Nutrition is dedicated to become the most reliable supplier of


consistent and high quality glycerides of fatty acids.

IMPRESSION | Factory tour

Our production facility

In our plant near Zaragoza in Spain we use state of the art manufacturing technology. This allows us to operate highly efficient. Besides storage facilities of almost 7000 m3 divided over more than 50 tanks, the site has further growth capacity and investments are planned in more specialized processes. 

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Countless possibilities

The set-up of the plant gives us the flexibility to produce a wide range of different products. Our reactors have a capacity of over 30 MT. Furthermore our equipment allows to produce our products under total vacuum. Purification of liquids is another specialization of Sustainable Nutrition.

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Quality assurance

Providing our partners with the highest quality product is of utmost importance to us. This comes to show in the careful selection of our raw materials. Our production site has been GMP+ (good manufacturing practices) accredited, and our quality management systems incorporate HACCP principles to provide full traceability and quality assurance.

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  • State-of-the-art esterification plant

    Fully equipped in-house laboratory

    Continuous focus on further product development

    Output of over 35.000 MT per year

    Flexible and reliable partner

    Monoglycerides of fatty acids

  • Sustainable Nutrition
    Poligono industrial Saso Verde 4
    22282 Alcala de Gurrea, Spain

    +34 974 74 05 39
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