Sustainable Nutrition

Sustainable Nutrition is founded in 2013 and specialized in the development, production, marketing and sales of monoglycerides & hydrolysed lecithins. Sustainable Nutrition provides the feed industry with the highest quality monoglycerides of fatty acids. In addition, Sustainable Nutrition has all possibilities to esterify other fatty acids into mono- or triglycerides.

  • State-of-the-art esterification plant
  • Fully equipped in-house laboratory
  • Continuous focus on R&D
  • Output of over 35.000 MT/year

Providing our partners with the highest quality products is of utmost importance to us. It all starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Our production site has been GMP+ (good manufacturing practices) accredited and our quality management systems incorporate HACCP principles to provide full traceability and quality assurance.


There is an increasing demand for fatty acids and their derivatives in the feed and food industry worldwide. We aim to be the world’s leading supplier of glycerides of fatty acids.


Sustainable Nutrition is dedicated to become the most reliable supplier of consistent and high-quality glycerides of fatty acids.