Increased glyceride production

Sustainable Nutrition expands their production facility further as the demands for animal feed additives keep rising. The glyceride production is increased and more silos have been built. These tanks are added to store the additional glycerides as a result of the production increase. The total liquid storage capacity is now more than 7000 m3. This increase also make it easier for Sustainable Nutrition to mix the end product with high quality standard.

Next to the expansion in production and storage, the facility has made great progress on automating processes. This has resulted in a very smooth production process from start to finish. One of the improvements is for example that liquid feed additives can now be directly put on carrier after production which saves transportation costs and contributes to a more efficient workflow.

In the next months, Sustainable Nutrition has plans for further improvements. Sustainable Nutrition keeps expanding to continuously satisfy every single client, even when the demands are increasing rapidly.