Monoglycerides of fatty acids are molecules produced by esterifying undissociated fatty acids with glycerol. These covalently bonded molecules have been extensively studied by various scientists all over the world for their beneficial effects in both animals and humans. Sustainable Nutrition’s monoglycerides of fatty acids are heat-stable, odourless and active in the entire animal body. Sustainable Nutrition offers its products in both liquid and dry form.

Why glycerides of fatty acids?

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is one of the largest organs of all living organisms with a major function in feed digestion and nutrient absorption. Furthermore, the GIT forms a barrier against microbial and viral infections, which may enter via the intestinal tract. Colonization of the GIT by pathogens might negatively affect factors as feed digestion and consequently growth, feed efficiency and animal performance, which in turn lead to more losses and a lower profitability. In the past, usually antibiotics were used at subtherapeutic levels to suppress the effect of pathogenic infections. However, during the last years it is proven that these antibiotics became inefficient and bacteria became resistant over time. Increasing number of countries have more strict regulations on the use of antibiotics nowadays, which encourages the industry to develop non-antibiotic alternatives focusing mainly on intestinal health and the prevention of such infections.

Hydrolysed lecithins & Specials

The challenge in animal nutrition is to make efficient use of high-fat diets. Maximizing the ability of the animal to digest fat and absorb nutrients.