SN Hydrolec

Hydrolysed lecithins

SN Hydrolec contains concentrated hydrolysed lecithins, also known as lysolecithins. SN
Hydrolec improves fat emulsification, fat hydrolysis and fat absorption. As a result, more nutrients
and energy are available for the animal which leads to an increased average daily weight gain and
an improved feed conversion ratio. Lysolecithins can be added on top of the diet or reformulated
into the diet. Fat can be dosed in lower quantities since lysolecithins makes the fat more available,
resulting in lower feed costs.

Unique mode of action

SN Hydrolec improves fat digestion by the promotion of an oil-in-water emulsification in the
aqueous environment of the gastro-intestinal tract. This results in an increased surface area for
the pancreatic enzymes, stimulating optimal fat hydrolysis. By the formation of small and stable
mixed micelles, lysolecithins assist in the nutrient transportation through the unstirred water
layer surrounding the enterocytes. An enhanced fat emulsification improves fat digestibility and
apparent metabolic energy of animal feed. Feeding lysolecithins to different animal species has
shown to improve animal growth and feed conversion ratio. Moreover, maximizing the metabolic
energy from fat allows a lower fat content in the diet, thus saving feed costs.


  • Unique mode of action
  • Free flowing
  • Non-caking
  • Heat stable
  • Cost effective

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